Ao Dai (The traditional Dress of Vietnam)

Vietnamese traditional dress Ao Dai is the most charming and beautiful dress for women that Iíve ever seen in my life. Itís very simple, just consists of a close-fitting blouse with long panels in the front and back that is worn over loose white trousers. If you come to Vietnam, one of the most impressive things is to see Vietnamese girls wearing Ao Dai and conical hats. Ao Dai is now waiting to be approved by UNESCO as an intangible world heritage.

Ao Dai is slowly fading in Vietnam, loosing out to designer Jeans, western clothes, and cheap T-Shirt. Now only the elderly or the school children wear them, I only wish Vietnamese continues to keep their beautiful tradition.

It is sad to see that the beautiful Ao Dai, is slowly disappearing in Vietnam. In Saigon, the only time one sees a few young ladies wear it is when one is invited to try their beauty salons. Perhaps like the Japanese kimono, the Ao Dai is becoming a cultural novelty. We do hope not, as they are so beautiful and elegant, and being so form-fitting, reveals a woman's curves and is so subtly sexy without showing a slight bit of skin!

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